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Plunged into a dark abyss of unconsciousness, Rick Edison awakens in the hospital to find himself immobilized by thick casts covering the majority of his body.

With his jaw wired shut and a tube in his neck, he is rendered mute and incapable of communicating. As he lies supine, he relives the painful moments that led him to Louisville and ultimately, his hospital room. 

His one escape from his inner demons is Bethany, a seven-year old patient that befriends him shortly after he regains consciousness. Her frequent visits and sunny chatter help him through the interminable hours of being locked inside himself. She is soon followed by more visitors who speak of dark and ominous things that leave him reeling in fear and unsure of reality. 

As he prepares to move to a rehabilitation facility, Rick is struck with an overwhelming sense of urgency to get away from the life he knew and the life he has now. 

If he doesn't, it will be too late. 

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