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S.B. Pearce fell in love with horror at a young age while spending countless weekends at her beloved older cousin’s house in Grahn, Kentucky. Many Saturday nights were spent watching Chiller, Tales From the Darkside, and the Twilight Zone while swilling Mountain Dew and chomping on snack cakes. From that time on, she reveled in Halloween and all things horrific, especially literature.

Throughout her teen years, she wrote volumes of garbage poetry and several decent short stories simply for fun. It wasn’t until she was in her late twenties that she began to seriously consider writing novels. She had several strong starts saved in her old iMac computer but they never progressed past the first few chapters. She would like to say that life got in the way but really, she has so many other interests that is has taken her a long time to narrow her focus to just a few activities. During all those years, she did find joy in writing about the humorous or frustrating facets of life on social media and she was often encouraged to write a book by her family, friends, and co-workers.

But, it just so happens that the books people wanted her to write were not what she truly loved to think about.

So, she dusted off the keyboard and sat down to tell her tales.

Her better half, whom she calls Hot-Ass, is her number one cheerleader. Her three kiddos make up the rest of the squad…and they may actually be twirling batons or flying through the air from the couch arms at this very moment.  Her next greatest supporter is her Sissy, without whom she would not have amounted to much of anything.

And she knows, if it weren’t for so many beautiful people around her telling her to go for it, she might not have even made it this far.

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