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2021 - Just Okay

Is it too late to wish everybody a happy New Year? Will my wishing make it so? Maybe we need to adjust our expectations for now, just to be cautious. How about I wish you an okay New Year? Like, just ok.

It's not that I don't want everybody out there to have the greatest year of their lives because I truly do want all the good things for everybody. It's just that 2020 was so colossally fucking awful for most people that the bar is really low for what could be considered a banner year. Think about it. Last year, there was a brief stretch of time where just finding a pack of toilet paper felt like you had found the Holy Grail. I personally drove an hour and a half away from my home city to a small town to pick some up at a dollar store. Just so you know, my success did not make butt wiping all that much sweeter because of the effort. It pretty much felt exactly the same but more expensive because of the gasoline outlay.

Personally, I'm shooting for an okay year in 2021. Yeah, I have some goals I hope to reach but I'm not going to bust my own chops if I don't attain them. These are strange times indeed, though not unprecedented in some respects. Let's just be kind to ourselves.

I'm looking for little victories mostly. Did I eat a vegetable today? Did I get any writing done? Did I check in on my friends and family? Easily attainable goals.

Maybe we place too much focus on the first of each year to transform our lives for the better. I saw so many social media posts and articles where folks seemed desperate to reach 2021, as if it were a finish line that would change the whole world dynamic. One day in a calendar year should not hold that much power.

2021 seems to be the part deaux of The Most Amazing Shitshow. There are too many hosts and the studio audience is the entire fucking planet. The ratings suck immensely.

So, I wish you an okay New Year but I hope you at least eat a salad and find a few smiles.

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