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What would you do if your intrusive thoughts came to fruition?


Jack Sloane is nice guy who lives on a quiet street in one of Lexington, Kentucky's oldest neighborhoods. He has a beautiful wife, a solid career, a nice home and a good sense of humor. For all outward appearances, he was just that; a nice guy. That is, until a gift from an eccentric elderly neighbor reveals that Jack isn't truly what others think him to be. What was once the grumblings of a loveable curmudgeon is now a steady stream of vitriol. The harder he tries to control his innermost thoughts, the more violent and frequent they become. The vicious musings he had easily dismissed for years are now the harbingers of destruction they always were.


SKU: 364215376135191
  • Signed by the author and includes a custom bookmark featuring artwork by S.B. Pearce.


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